What is a Hyperscale Data Center?

hyper: over/excessive

scale: size/extent 

According to Digital Reality the word hyperscale refers to the size or extend of the project.

Who are HyperScalers?

Hyperscaler companies include those such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon and many

more large enterprise data center customers.

HyperShelves and Modular Rack Shelves allow you to easily and quickly expand your setup

in data centers or testing labs.

Hyperscaler companies depend on rapid deployment solutions that offer high density shelving features. 

hyperscale companies (desktop image)hyperscale companies (mobile image)


HyperShelves are designed for hyperscale data center environments to decrease deployment time and improve efficiency. High density shelving features cable management, integrated airflow and fits more equipment per U space.

Modular Rack Shelves

Developers use modular shelves for mobile device test labs when designing apps, software, and websites on real devices. Modular Rack Shelving houses several devices with options to increase density and scalability.

Space Savings

Deploy more in less U space.

HyperShelves maximize space to mount as many units as possible

in the smallest amount of U space.

real mobile device testing  (desktop image)real mobile device testing  (mobile image)
mobile device testing shelf 1 (desktop image)mobile device testing shelf 1 (mobile image)

Multiple devices,

no problem.

Modular rack shelves allow you to maximize space and organization. Whether you're testing the same or different machines, you can house them all on a single shelf.

Keep it Cool

HyperShelves are designed with integrated airflow ducting for optimum cooling and thermal performance. Modular shelving bracket options secure your devices in place and maintain proper ventilation.

hyperscaler cloud solutions (desktop image)hyperscaler cloud solutions (mobile image)

Multipurpose Made Easy

You can either mount different devices
with the Modular Shelf or use the HyperShelf  for high density mounting.

hyperscaler cloud shelf (desktop image)hyperscaler cloud shelf (mobile image)

Serviceability at Scale

HyperShelves and Modular Rack Shelves
use slide rails to extend shelves out of the rack, hold devices securely, and organize cables.
As a result, in-rack serviceability for your machines becomes easier.

HyperShelves provide optimal airflow and have a removal side panel to increase operational efficiency and allow for easy cable access. Additional aspects of the design include mounting holes for optional fan installation.

Clean Cable Management

HyperShelves include a cable management arm that is compact and adjustable. Cable management tie points pass cables through the pathway for easy organization.

data center cable management (desktop image)data center cable management (mobile image)
real mobile device testing (desktop image)real mobile device testing (mobile image)

Modular Shelf Brackets are designed based on each individual device's layout, making cable management connections a breeze. A cable management arm is a frequently bought accessory to manage the cables with ease.

Products Compatible with our HyperShelves and Modular Shelf:

Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra
Apple Mac mini
Dell Optiplex Micro
Dell Precision 3240 Compact Workstation
Apple Mac Studio
Dell Precision 3260 Compact Workstation
Dell Precision 3280 Compact Workstation 

Modular Shelves*:
Mobile Devices
Smart Phones
Apple Homepod
Apple TV
Apple HomePod mini 
Mac mini
Intel NUC
Dell Precision

Lenovo P3 Ultra 

*Contact us if you need a custom design!


115-8939 5U HyperShelf for 7 Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultras
115-6875 5U HyperShelf for 16 Apple Mac Mini
115-7418 5U HyperShelf for 16 Dell Optiplex Micro
115-7844 5U HyperShelf for 8 Dell Precision 3240 Compact Workstation
115-8652 5U HyperShelf for 6 Apple Mac Studio
115-8765 5U HyperShelf for 8 Dell Precision 3260 Compact Workstation
5U HyperShelf for 7 Dell Precision 3280 Compact Workstation

Modular Rack Shelf 
115-6933 1U Modular Sliding Shelf 28"
107-7604 2U Cantilever Modular Shelf 13"

Mobile Devices
101-6951 4-Unit Phone/Tablet Bracket Set 2-Pack 
101-6950 8-Unit V1 Phone/Tablet Bracket Set 2-Pack
101-7386 8-Unit V2 Phone/Tablet Bracket Set 2-Pack

Home Entertainment
101-6953 8-Unit Apple HomePod Bracket Set
101-6954 4-Unit Apple TV Bracket 2-Pack
101-8633 8-Unit Roku Bracket
101-8049 2-Unit Apple HomePod mini Bracket Set

Computer Brackets
101-7413 1-Unit Laptop Bracket 2-Pack
101-7769 3-Unit Laptop Bracket Set
101-7415 1-Unit Mac mini Bracket Set
101-7736 1-Unit Mac mini Vertical Bracket
101-7412 4-Unit Intel NUC Bracket
101-7603 Configurable PC Bracket 2-Pack

Acoustic Enclosures
106-8573 Acoustic Enclosure for Mobile Devices
106-8575 Acoustic Enclosure for Table Devices

Fan Bracket
101-8994 Fan Bracket for Modular Shelf

Don’t see what you are looking for? Let’s talk about making a custom solution for you.

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