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Dell SKUs

RackSolutions also known as Innovation First International works to support Dell and their representatives. Our list of Dell SKUs is a quick way to identify RackSolutions products that have already been setup in the Dell ordering system. For more information on compatibility visit our partner site - (opens in a new tab)

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Dell SKU


101-5483A0586373Optional Tilt Monitor Bracket
104-1952A0741949Dell Optiplex 780 USFF Wall Mount - Tilt Monitor
104-2095A0948134Dell Optiplex 780 SFF Wall Mount - Tilt Monitor
104-2109A0788067Universal Wall Mount (2.35" to 3.75")
104-2323A1779196Dell Optiplex 790 SFF Wall Mount - Fixed Monitor
104-4778A2778804Secure Wall Mount for Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF
104-4935A1263898Dell OptiPlex Micro Wall Mount - Tilt
104-5005A2778999Dell OptiPlex Micro Wall Mount - Fixed
104-5431A2954917Dell Inspiron Micro 3050 Wall Mount
112-2167A27789971U Sliding Shelf Rail Kit for Dell Precision T3600, T5600
122-2579A44175471U Rail Kit for Dell PowerEdge R6415, R6515 Servers
122-2580A56021722U Rail Kit for Dell PowerEdge R7515, R540, R720, R730, R740 Servers
137-0317A628966644U, 5 Inch Vertical Cable Management Bar
180-4945A6782673Horizontal High-Density Cable Manager
180-4946A70082722U High-Density Cable Manager
185-4764A70082769Ux 600 mm x 600mm Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinet
185-4765A703095412Ux 600 mm x 600mm Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinet
1UCMA-137A70082271U Cable Management Arm
1UCROSSBAR-125A7061694Horizontal, 4 Ring Cable Management Bar
1UKIT-109A72003091U, Universal Rack Rails
1UKIT-109-20A74008671U, 20" Rackmount Rails
1UKIT-109-31A74553721U, 31" Rackmount Rail
1UKIT-109-QRA74553521U, Tool-less Rack Rails
1URAIL-R6-CMAA8335529Dell PowerEdge R610 Slide Rails with CMA
1USHL-108A8703498Fixed Rack Shelf - 24" Depth
1USHL-112A8703499Sliding Computer Shelf - 24" (with CMA)
1USHL-112-20A8930304Sliding Computer Shelf - 20" (without CMA)
1USHL-116A8930316Heavy-Duty Fixed Shelf, 500 lb capacity
1USHL-139A8930313Laptop Sliding Shelf
2UCMA-137A89303172U Cable Management Arm
2UKIT-109A89303182U, Universal Rack Rails
2UKIT-109-31A91702772U, 31" Rackmount Rail
3UKIT-109A91702793U, Universal Rack Rails
3UKIT-109-20A97482873U, 20" Rackmount Rails
3UKIT-109-31A97337183U, 31" Rackmount Rail
3UKIT-109-QRA98431943U, Tool-less Rack Rails
3URACK-119A99715693U Vertical Wall Mount Rack
RACK-117-COVERSAA114270Front and Rear Covers
RACK-117-MOBILE-KITAA195318Heavy Duty Casters and Lifting Handles
RETAIL-DELL-WALL-007AA632472Wall Mount for Dell FX160 - Tilt Monitor 
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